About AB Studios

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, AB Studios is a distinguished provider of comprehensive audio and video production services. With expertise in both production and post-production, our dedicated team excels at conceiving creative ideas and smoothly navigating through every stage, from conceptualization to final post-production. Our extensive range of services includes Dubbing, Voice-over, Subtitling, Audio Description, Video Editing, and more. Notably, we’re recognized for delivering high-quality work in over 10 languages.

For the past six years, we have been trusted partners for leading Pakistani and international channels, such as Geo, Urdu 1, mytv, and tapmad. Our client base is continuously expanding, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our Services


Elevate your content with our expert dubbing services at AB Studio. Our talented team ensures seamless synchronisation and impeccable lip-syncing, giving your productions a truly global appeal.


Captivate your audience with the perfect voice. At AB Studio, we offer a diverse range of voices to bring your projects to life. From warm and reassuring to dynamic and energetic, we have the voice you’re looking for.


Break language barriers effortlessly with AB Studio’s precise subtitling services. Our skilled professionals deliver accurate, timed captions that not only convey the dialogue but also preserve the essence of your content.


Create an inclusive viewing experience with our comprehensive audio description services. AB Studio adds a vivid layer of narration, ensuring visually impaired audiences are fully immersed in your content.


Crafting visual narratives that resonate is our forte at AB Studio. Our expert editors blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver polished, engaging videos that leave a lasting impression.


From concept to completion, AB Studio is your creative partner in bringing ideas to life. Our dedicated team handles every aspect of production, ensuring a seamless process and a final product that exceeds expectations.

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