• With a top-notch staff of experts, AB Studios is a leading post-production company that offers excellent multilingual subtitling services in over 05 languages in Karachi. Our company is a proficient subtitling company situated in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Our work speaks for itself; we have produced over 5000 minutes of subtitled files in the last several months and are capable of handling a wide variety of subtitle formats. Across a wide range of industries, including corporates, e-learning, gaming, advertising, and entertainment (movies, TV shows, animation, and documentaries), we have formed joyful relationships with our clients.

  • Our website has an SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol) feature that allows our clients to upload digital assignments and complete them on the same platform, saving them money on time and logistics.

  • What are Subtitles?
    Dialogue and other on-screen text in the same or any other foreign language are represented textually via subtitles. Most pre-recorded movies, including films, TV series, eLearning, staff training videos, etc., might benefit from subtitles. Subtitling is the term for this type of audiovisual translation/localization.
  • The practice of subtitling in the language being spoken is known as intralingual subtitling. The primary audience for this kind of subtitling service is language learners and the hard of hearing.

  • Intralingual subtitling is the process of subtitling within the same language that is being spoken. This type of subtitling service is mainly targeted at the deaf and hard of hearing audience, language learners, etc.


Languages offered

Languages offered by AB Studios

  • For webcasts, podcasts, feature films, documentaries, and pre-recorded television shows, AB Studios provides video subtitling services in more than 70 languages. Make your movies available to a global audience by selecting your preferred language from a large selection of available subtitles.

  • Subtitling services from AB Studios are easily accessible based on the needs of the customer. It’s critical to select the appropriate caption format based on the specifications provided by the broadcaster or service provider. Our knowledgeable team of experts can assist you in making the best choice if you are unclear on which format best meets your requirements.

  • Below are some of the supported File Formats:
  • -SRT (SubRip)
    -TTML (Timed Text Markup Language)
    -SBV (YouTube format)
    -DFXP (Distribution Format Exchange Profile)
    -VTT (Web Video Text Track- WebVTT)
    -TXT (Transcript)
    -STL (Spruce Subtitle File)
    -XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • What kind of videos can AB Studios Subtitle?
  • We follow a very strict confidentiality policy and streamlined process for subtitle translations. We provide multi-language subtitling services for:
Pre-Recorded TV Subtitling
Online Training & E-learning Subtitling
YouTube Subtitling
Webcasts Subtitling
Podcasts Subtitling
Social Media Videos Subtitling
Music Videos Subtitling
Explainer Videos Subtitling
Animation Subtitling
Broadcast Subtitling
Elearning Subtitling

Why AB Studios

AB Studios proffers high-quality dubbing services that span across industries such as Entertainment (movies, TV-series, animation, and documentaries), eLearning, Corporate, Gaming, Advertising, and many more.

AB Studios has a pool of more than 3,200 native dubbing artists which gives our clients abundant options to choose from as per requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of production managers, dubbing artists, and translators are committed to delivering high-quality dubbing services at competitive rates while preserving the authentic tone of the content.