Dubbing Art

AB Studios is a leading post-production company with a staff of experts capable of delivering excellent dubbing services in more than ten languages. We are a reputable dubbing company with our headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan. With a combination of our in-house dubbing facilities, a broad network of partners, and a skilled staff of production managers, we are able to provide our dubbing services at cheap prices.

Nothing brings us greater joy than seeing our clients smile. AB Studios is your hassle-free one-stop shop for dubbing services in over ten languages, keeping the high standards of in-country dubbing studios while providing you with the financial advantages of our broad reach. With over a thousand native dubbing artists in our pool, our clients have a wide range of options to select from.

We have made significant investments in the newest technologies to guarantee the safety, security, and confidentiality of your data since we recognise how sensitive and private your information is.

Additionally, AB Studios maintains strict confidentiality guidelines both with our partners and within the company.

Why AB Studios

AB Studios provides top-notch dubbing services for a variety of industries, including corporate, gaming, advertising, e-learning, entertainment (movies, TV shows, animation, and documentaries), and many more.

For hassle-free dubbing services in over ten languages while upholding the calibre of in-country dubbing studios, AB Studios is your go-to source.

With over a thousand native dubbing artists at AB Studios, our clients have a wide range of options to select from based on gender, age, voice, tone, and style needs.

Our incredibly skilled and knowledgeable group of production managers, dubbing artists, and translators is dedicated to providing excellent dubbing services at affordable prices without sacrificing the original tone of the work.

Types of Dubbing Services


Our team of experienced voice artists dub movies with ultimate finesse, matching the lip movements and native fluency


Our pool of talented animation voice over artists dub animated video content following a streamlined process and with creativity


With abundant options to choose from as per requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style, our team of native dubbing artists are an ideal choice for TV series dubbing.


Our team of professionals have an experience of handling various documentary projects. A customized project workflow is maintained while dubbing for documentary films for high-quality outputs



Theatrical dubbing goes beyond simple dubbing and voice acting. Our team of professional dubbing artists record high-quality audio that recreates the experience of the whole film


Our team of talented dubbing artists closely match the lip movements and dialogues and produce high-quality dubbed live action film/videos


We never compromise on quality. Our team of talented voice artists and sound engineers create high quality dubbed audio for 2.0 and 5.0 sound channel systems